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Exercise is Crucial for Reclaiming Your Health


The increasingly sedentary lifestyle is contributing to the decline of health in the United States. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, physical activity was essential for survival - to provide for our families - and walking was the primary means of transportation. In modern society, stress is inevitable and physical activity is lower than ever. Remaining [...]

Exercise is Crucial for Reclaiming Your Health2019-02-24T20:49:41-05:00

The Total Body Benefits of Swimming


If you want to get your body moving any time of year, take a dip in the pool at your local aquatic center or gym. Swimming has a variety of benefits, both physical and mental, not to mention that it’s a fun activity. Swimming is a cardio workout that is also relaxing and provides a [...]

The Total Body Benefits of Swimming2019-02-24T17:34:35-05:00

Chamomile Tea, A Soothing Treatment for Insomnia


The benefits of chamomile have been celebrated for thousands of years. From ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece, to modern day, people swear by chamomile tea as soothing bedtime remedy. If getting enough sleep is difficult for you or your children, try making a soothing cup of chamomile tea just before bedtime. Chamomile contains Chamazulene, an [...]

Chamomile Tea, A Soothing Treatment for Insomnia2019-01-25T13:25:53-05:00