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Fibromyalgia: More Common Than You Think


Fibromyalgia is a health issue that is characterized by a group of symptoms happening together. Patients with fibromyalgia often complain of aches and pains all over the body, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. Fibromyalgia is often compared to arthritis. But, unlike arthritis, fibromyalgia does not cause redness, swelling, or damage to the joints. Fibromyalgia may affect [...]

Fibromyalgia: More Common Than You Think2019-06-21T08:27:14-04:00

Taking the Mystery out of Essential Oils


Essential oils have a number of benefits, but many of my clients consider them a mystery. What are essential oils? How do you use them? What are their health benefits? In this article, I want to take the mystery out of using essential oils so that you can confidently make the decision that is right [...]

Taking the Mystery out of Essential Oils2019-06-14T09:23:48-04:00

Holistic Practitioner View: Environmental Toxins


Most of our time as health care providers, is spent treating chronic illnesses. As a holistic practitioner, I see that these conditions are often brought on upon us by lifestyle, genetics, trauma, and a host of other contributing factors. But what if many are related to our every day exposures to the air we breath? [...]

Holistic Practitioner View: Environmental Toxins2019-06-04T13:21:09-04:00