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A Holistic Practitioner’s View: What are Environmental Toxins?

Most of our time as health care providers, is spent treating chronic illnesses.  As a holistic practitioner, I see that these conditions are often brought on upon us by lifestyle, genetics, trauma, and a host of other contributing factors.  But what if many are related to our every day exposures to the air we breath?  Surely pollen is irritating to most of us as one of the most beautiful times of the year that blooms so many gorgeous flowers! Perhaps it’s the neighbor who’s spraying pesticides and fertilizers on their lawn and gardens to control those ugly weeds?  Maybe it’s the damp smelling basement as humidity levels rise with increasing outdoor temperatures?  Or my favorite as a chemically sensitive person, the smiling passerby’s that have bathed in cologne to make their aroma more appealing? What holistic treatments are best?  The instant headache and nausea does not appeal to me!

‍Maybe it’s not just the air we breath.  Maybe it’s also the water we drink. We rely on each municipality to be sure our water is safe with proper filtration to keep us from harm.  Where does the run-off water from fertilizers, various chemicals and medications that we urinate out go?  Let’s not even get into the industrial waste! Water quality testing is performed by your local municipality and available to you for free. As a holistic practitioner, I will be performing private testing over the next few weeks and will gladly share the comparisons!

‍Perhaps it is the food we eat. Nutrient levels in foods have been declining for years!  Is it the fertilizers and pesticides depleting the nutrient rich soil?  Yep.  Is it the Glyphosate (Roundup) contaminating nearly all of our food supply?  That too. Is it the industrial waste that is used to irrigate farms?  Absolutely!  But not many people hear about that level of exposure.

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