mitochondrial-dysfunction-blogWhat is Mitochondrial Dysfunction? Well first of all, what is mitochondria? Mitochondria is a specialized structure found in our cells that is responsible for energy production. In short, mitochondria are the energy factories of our bodies. When mitochondria does not work properly, the cell lacks energy supplies, leaving the whole individual feeling lethargic, run-down, and depleted. Symptoms of Mitochondrial Dysfunction include fatigue, weakness, vision problems, difficulty hearing, memory problems, sleeplessness and more.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction may also play a role in depression. Feeling lethargic, listless, and hopeless while lacking physical energy can be treated through integrative health protocols. Often diet and environmental toxins are factors leading to mitochondrial disease.

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue, you may have Mitochondrial Dysfunction. In order to determine your risk, thorough testing is recommended. Renew Integrative Health offers thorough testing as well as comprehensive treatment for Mitochondrial Dysfunction. If you’re ready to regain your energy, reignite your mind, and start feeling vibrant again, schedule your appointment today!

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