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Low Dose Immunotherapy

Promotes immune tolerance

Reduces inflammation

Chronic allergy relief

What is Low Dose Immunotherapy?

Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) is considered a blending of immunotherapy. The mechanism of action is similar to homeopathy. It is not like a vaccine, it’s actually quite the opposite. LDI promotes immune tolerance to various antigens (what you are reactive / allergic to) in order to stop inappropriate immune reactions against the antigen or immune trigger. 

Benefits of Low Dose Immunotherapy

The theory in using LDI for autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue or pain conditions, and many other inflammatory disorders, is that these conditions and their symptoms are initially triggered by something that is not “you”; but results in your own immune system causing tissue inflammation and potential damage in some way. If we can find the right trigger and restore tolerance, we can stop your disease process. Only one of the antigens used needs to work (even of thousands).

What conditions does LDI treat?

Expectations: What to expect from LDI treatment

LDI is a highly individualized therapy and figuring out the specific antigens and doses needed to achieve optimal results depends 100% upon clear and concise communication. This entails taking progressively stronger doses fairly close together until a response occurs. The time frame varies with every patient. 

How to prepare for your LDI appointment

Following the completion of your medical history, diet log and current symptoms through our EMR portal, patients must also include the previous two years of medical testing including diagnostic studies such as ultrasound, thermography, and bone scans if applicable. Your initial consultation will include an extensive history, including family history and physical examination. Risks and benefits of Low Dose Immunotherapy will be discussed and whether the therapy is appropriate will be determined at this time. 

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