What is Mitochondrial Dysfunction?


What is Mitochondrial Dysfunction? Well first of all, what is mitochondria? Mitochondria is a specialized structure found in our cells that is responsible for energy production. In short, mitochondria are the energy factories of our bodies. When mitochondria does not work properly, [...]

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Fibromyalgia – Why Is It More Common Than You Think


Fibromyalgiais a health issue that is characterized by a group of symptoms happening together.  Patients with fibromyalgia often complain of aches and pains all over the body, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. Fibromyalgia is often compared to arthritis.  But, unlike arthritis, fibromyalgia does [...]

Fibromyalgia – Why Is It More Common Than You Think2022-03-11T14:24:55-05:00

Holistic Practitioner View: Environmental Toxins? What Are They?


Most of our time as health care providers, is spent treating chronic illnesses.  As a holistic practitioner, I see that these conditions are often brought on upon us by lifestyle, genetics, trauma, and a host of other contributing factors.  But what if [...]

Holistic Practitioner View: Environmental Toxins? What Are They?2022-03-11T14:26:27-05:00

Fasting and Living Longer


How can you preserve longevity? Fasting! Fasting is not a new phenomenon, humans have fasted for centuries. The difference now is we have food readily available everywhere! Every activity revolves around food from sports activities, theatre, movies, holiday parties, or just gathering [...]

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What Are The Top 5 Benefits Of Fasting?


The 5 Top Benefits of Fasting What are the benefits of fasting?  Why should I fast? Benefits of Fasting - Promotes Blood Sugar Control by Reducing Insulin Resistance Intermittent fasting and alternate-day fasting could help decrease blood sugar levels and reduce insulin [...]

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