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The Total Body Benefits of Swimming

If you want to get your body moving any time of year, take a dip in the pool at your local aquatic center or gym. Swimming has a variety of benefits, both physical and mental, not to mention that it’s a fun activity. Swimming is a cardio workout that is also relaxing and provides a sense of well-being. Add in the fact that swimming is low-impact and you’ve got the perfect exercise for mind, body, and spirit.

‍Though there is still a chill in the air, what better way to beat the late winter blues than to join your local indoor aquatic center and glide through the crystal blue swimming pool? Swimming freestyle or “crawl” offers a total body workout when done properly. As you propel yourself through the water with your arms, kicking with your legs, be sure to twist your middle and tighten your backside for a cleaner stroke and a better workout. Less splash equals less energy wasted, so keep your feet just under the water and keep your fingers together. One hour of lap-swimming can burn six hundred calories! Now that is an efficient workout!

‍Even if your form is not perfect, get out there and do it anyway. Floating in the pool is relaxing and a great way to meditate and de-stress from a busy day. Whether you choose to swim in the morning, to start your day, or in the evening to relax after work, you’ll soon become addicted to your pool time. And what better addiction than the joy, relaxation, and fitness you’ll get from taking a dip in the pool.

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